Book covers

Dog and Pony designs book covers on a regular basis. Clients include several Dutch publishers such as Lebowski, Prometheus and Uitgeverij Q. A few book covers I have made you can find below..


William Gay - Schemer

Kenneth Tyler and his sister Corrie had reason to suspect something was wrong with their father's burial. So, by boldly wresting secrets out of sacred graves, the teens discover that their corner of Tennessee is ripe with grotesque horrors.

Onbetamelijk gedrag

James Worthy - Mottenballen voor de ziel

Bundle of columns written by James Worthy.

Lena Andersson - Onbetamelijk gedrag

A story about total and desperate devotion and how willingly we betray ourselves in the pursuit of love.

Wat behouden blijft

Wallace Stegner - Wat behouden blijft

About a close friendship between two couples that spans close to four decades, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do them part.

Dave Eggers - Reizigers

This book traces the extraordinary travels made by Pulitzer-nominated author Dave Eggers.

De aanname

Cor de Jong - De aanname

A novel about chasing dreams which in fact may not be true desires. Standing on the sideline, watching how our life is determined by others.

De zomer die alles deed smelten

Tiffany McDaniel - De zomer die alles deed smelten

Set in smalltown Ohio in 1984, where a heatwave devastates the community and a mysterious thirteen-year old boy arrives claiming to be the devil.

Michael Cunningham - Een wilde zwaan

Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Cunningham transforms the people and talismans of lands far, far away into stories of sublime revelation.

Zusje dood

William Gay - Zusje dood

'Zusje dood' follows the unravelling life of David Binder, a writer who moves his young family to a haunted farmstead to try and find inspiration for his faltering work...

Het kartel

Don Winsow - Het Kartel

A gripping true-to-life epic of power, corruption, revenge and justice spanning the past decade of the Mexican-American drug wars.

Collected works by Harry Mulisch

For this series I experimented with the order and position of the booktitles. On the front the current title is highlighted in blue while on the back the title of the previous book is highlighted. If you place all the books in the right order on top of each other, all the titles match with the previous or next book in the series.


Sketches for book covers which have not become the final design.


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