About this project.

This is a project I did during the minor editorial design at the ArtEZ Academy of the Arts. The theme of the minor was (self)publishing. The goal was that each student would create his/her own magazine for the graphic design department of the Academy. A small part of the content was pre-determined, each magazine had to contain a text about studying graphic design at ArtEZ. and our own re-interpretation of this text.

The rest of the content was supposed to be created by ourselves. To generate interesting content for our magazines, all participating students interviewed a relevant (graphic) designer in relation to the theme (self)publishing. I interviewed Femke Snelting, she is a part of the design collective OSP (open source publishing).

After the interviews were finished we started with the design of the magazines. My idea was to take a tab system as navigation. When I was experimenting with different folding techniques I came to this folded tab system. The 'body' of my magazine is folded out of one large piece of paper and contains all the images. Inside the body there are small booklets in which you can find the interviews. This way the magazines works as a kind of wrapper for the interviews.

When you are done reading the front (person a) you can continue reading on the back (personb). Here you can find the ArtEZ text and my re-interpretation. When I want to know something about a study I want to hear experiences from students. So I asked every student in the minor to write down one or two important terms and one important quality related to our study, together with a short explanation. These terms have a personal value which says a lot more than just a few empty words in an institutional text.


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