About this project.

This is a project about the magazine 'Upper and Lowercase' (U&LC). This magazine existed from 1970 to 1999 and it was one of the first publications intended specifically for the design community. U&lc was a product of Herb Lubalin and the International Typeface Corporation (ITC). The magazine was an effort to display and advertise for the latest typefaces from ITC, which was the first type foundry to have nothing to do with the production of metal type.

Our assignment was to design for 5 weeks in a row the cover of the magazine U&LC with on the front an typographic image and on the back a (non traditional) type specimen. We were only allowed to use ITC typefaces. Besides the images on the covers we had to develop a grid for the covers, a grid for the inside and a monograph. In the end there had to be a clear coherence between all these different items. They had to strenghten each other. You had to create a new identity for this magazine in which you could vary but still had to be recognizable.


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